Saturday, April 25, 2015

Reinvent Yourself: Look at Life with a New Perspective

GTO's Thoughts:

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Ran across a series of illustrations by artist John Holcroft (via Wired Magazine (Facebook) via Good).

Holcroft takes mundane nuances of modern life and juxtaposes them against the larger societal message.

Holcroft has his detractors (many on Facebook said his work was too focused on the negatives in life, others said his work was childish or too "grumpy old man"-ish), but these illustrations spoke to me & felt like a good fit for my blog's theme of making small, positive changes in one's life.

Especially this one:  --------------------------------------->


Friendship, laughter, ethnic cuisines, personal freedom, quiet moments, pinball - these are just some of the things that would make up my Happiness Kit.

What would be in yours?

Check out John Holcroft's work here.

Peace out,

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