Thursday, November 30, 2017

Reinvent Yourself: Relive Summer with an Easy Sangria Recipe

GTO's Thoughts:

I get into these moods.

Maybe once or twice a year.

Where I just need to remember summer.

Usually it's in September, October or November.

Winter is approaching.

June, July & August have faded into sweet memory.

My tan is long gone.

My skin barely remembers being licked by the warmth of the sun.

I barely put a dent in my bottle of sunscreen this year.

I didn't get enough time in my brother's pool.

I didn't get enough sand, didn't get enough surf.

And - dammit! - I have no memories of a sweet summer romance.

My John Travolta did not meet his Olivia Newton-John.
My Frankie Avalon did not find his Annette Funicello.
My Barbara Hershey never became the wind beneath her Bette Midler's wings.

Those warm, sunny months have come and gone, all in the blink of an eye.

And I miss them.

But there are a number of ways to remember summer.

You could try losing your $500 Nike glasses in the waves of Ocean City, Maryland in July 2012.

Like I did!

OR -

Even better,

Ignore the lessons of Ocean City 2012!

And lose another pair of $500 glasses in the gorgeous waters of Playa ParaĆ­so in Mexico's Riviera Maya in July 2017. **

Yep! That's what I did!

So the summers of 2012 and 2017 are LOCKED in my brain!



And as winter approaches in the Northeastern United States, how do I relive such wonderful summer memories as losing $1000 in prescription eyewear to the oceans of the world?!


What helps me get drunk are sweet and colorful adult beverages!

THIS is where SANGRIA comes in, because:


I make it from time to time when I'm desperately trying to hold onto summer for a few cold, getting colder, weekends this time of year.

It's easy to make sangria.


It's quick, delicious and refreshing.

If you don't like fruit, you're outta luck. More for me.

If you click on my photo below, you'll be taken to my 60-second easy sangria recipe.

Easy Sangria Recipe - Greg's Helpful Videos

** Upon losing expensive eyewear for the 2nd time in five years, I was completely and utterly embarrassed.

My family was there to witness it BOTH times!

And I was also very angry at myself.


And there was swearing to be had.

Lots of swearing.

Lots of LOUD swearing.

And there were children everywhere!

And. I. Didn't. Care.

I was swearing with no thought of social decorum.

I was uttering profanities in the clear, warm waters of Mexico,

(Proud of myself, I am not.)


After about 15 minutes, I finally calmed down and surrendered to the situation.

It was simple: I was going to be legally blind for my entire vacation in Mexico.

And then!

My brother, Doug, stepped on something buried in the sand near the shore.

He reached down, expecting to be bit by a crustacean, but instead he found my glasses.

It was amazing. Really amazing.

I'm still blown away by it.

My brother found my glasses!

They could have gone deeper into the Caribbean Sea.

They could have gone parallel to the shore.

Never getting closer, never getting further away, just keep moving to the right. Or to the left.

They also could have drifted just a few feet away from where I had lost them to the large wave.

Into water that was too deep to gain footing.

But -

They headed towards shore.

Where my brother was able to find them.



As I sip my sangria,

This is one of the great memories I'll relive from the summer of 2017.

Thanks for reading!


What are your memories from the summer of 2017?

Monday, September 11, 2017

Reinvent Yourself: Help Others Solve Netflix Silverlight Error N8010.

GTO's Thoughts:

I was having trouble getting Netflix to work on my MacBook.

I kept getting Silverlight Error N8010.

Which means Safari's Private Browsing Mode was supposedly restricting Netflix from storing settings on my computer.

But there was more to it than that!

I finally figured everything out, made a quick video, and wanted to pass it along.

Just click the photo and you'll be taken to my YouTube video (3 min).

If this solution helps you, let me know. Thanks, GTO.

Using Safari to Watch Netflix? Getting Silverlight-Netflix Error N8010? Here's a FIX!

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

25 Ways to Reinvent Yourself: Form a Board of Advisers

Just as a corporation has a team of people who represent an array of specialties - marketing, finance, sales - an individual should have a similar set of personal advisers, according to Marti Smye, author of Is It Too Late to Run Away and Join the Circus?  (MacMillan, 1998).

This informal board should be made up of friends whom you respect and admire, whose opinions you value, and who would be willing to offer you their counsel when you need it.

[From "25 Ways to Reinvent Yourself" published in Modern Maturity January - February 2000,
edited by Greg Olszewski]