Sunday, October 7, 2012


Subtitle: Organize Your Spam Folder (It's Fun!)

Do you get a lot of spam?

MagicJack Plus!
Platinum Credit Card!
Want to Add Inches?
Hey! Remember Me?
Grow More Hair!
Pharmacy Online!
Raspberry Ketones!
Real Email from Mom!
Solar America!
Urgent Deposit!
Free Coffee!
Online Education!
Pimsleur Approach!

Did your brain get woozy looking at this list?

Did you miss the Real Email from Mom? (She wants to know if you'll make it home for Thanksgiving.)

Well, here's a little trick I discovered that made a huge difference when cleaning out my spam folder. I use Yahoo! Mail, but this should work with most mail services - but apparently not Gmail. (Bad, Google!)

Before deleting any spam, organize your spam folder ALPHABETICALLY!

(In Yahoo's case, you do this by clicking on the "From" heading.)

Wow! So much easier on the eyes and brain!

It doesn't feel like you're wading through a jumbled mass of eye pollution, does it?

There's a streamlined feel to the preceedings.

You can see legitimate emails more easily. You can see which spammers are most prolific. You can also see the marketing emails you signed up for, but that are long overdue for unsubscribing. (You bought that car already, so you no longer need your local Ford dealers or Enterprise Rental Cars emailing you on a weekly basis, right?)


So if this technique helps in your fight against spam, let me know, okay?


P.S. - You can also organize your Inbox alphabetically.

See all of Mom's emails in a convenient, sequential order!

You sent her a Christmas List in 2009. (Did you remember? Of course you didn't! Time has buried Mom's emails under thousands of other emails, all vying for your attention!)

There are gift items in that long-forgotten Christmas list that you'd still love to receive from Santa! Add these items to 2012's list!  Easy peasy.

By occasionally organizing your Inbox alphabetically, you'll get a better perspective on your life and the people important to you. 

(Just remember to change your Inbox back to its original "organized by date" setting when you're done. It's really the best setting for receiving emails. Just not the best for fighting spam. Or rediscovering older, important emails.) 

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