Monday, March 21, 2011


Greetings, friends!

Okay, I admit it. My blog looks a little rough. (I hit the wrong button, answered a question incorrectly and unknowingly erased my original template. The template I've used successfully for 3 years. Argh. Now my ads won't display correctly (or at all) and my blog just looks like it's fallen into a state of disrepair.)

But rest assured, I am here. Slowly patching things together.

Over the next two months, I'm going to try something different with my blog.

I have readers from all over the world... (I know this because I can "see" you in my Google analytics page)... but most of you have remained very quiet as you've perused my blog.

No worries. Really. It's my fault. I accomplished my goal of updating & transcribing an excellent article from Modern Maturity and now there's not much need to keep up with the blog.

(And, yes, perhaps it's time to start a new blog!)

(And, yes, perhaps after this little experiment, I will do just that.)

(And, yes, perhaps this little experiment will power the new blog!)

But, listen, forget all that! Here's the deal.

Thanks to Google AdWords, I've been gifted with $100 of free advertising. So I wanted to take this opportunity to turn the tables on my readers and let you know that:

For the next 2 months, I'm open to reading your original, unpublished screenplays and will provide feedback free of charge to anyone who is willing to share.

(Of course we'll have to work on a proper release form.)

And I definitely prefer to focus on screenplays for now.

I studied the form for years - I've practiced the form for years - and it's the form I'm most comfortable with. And yes, it's true I'm not a professional - but honestly, reading screenplays and giving constructive, useful criticism is something I'm pretty dang good at.

So -

This is the chance to get real feedback on your screenplay for the low, introductory price of FREE.

I ask that you please put your script into standard script format. (I'll find a link that will explain all the proper formatting tomorrow.) If you use a script formatting program, that'd be best. (Right now I can read screenplays in .FDR, DOC, .PDF & probably a few other formats as well.)

Then email me with "Screenplay" in the subject line, or leave a comment here (the preferred method) with your contact information - and I'll be in touch! (My email is

This is a good time to get feedback on one of your scripts. (Yes, sorry. One script per person please.)

Perhaps you don't have any friends you can talk "shop" with. Or perhaps you need more input than: "That was good, honey!" (with a friendly pat on the head). Maybe you need to know WHY your script was good. (Or maybe why it wasn't good, egad.)

Now, I don't want to crush your dreams of writing for the movies. I just want to give you more feedback than you may have received thus far. But I'm definitely suited to screenwriters who want real, down-to-earth, & HONEST feedback.

We'll figure out a way to discuss your script at some point. Perhaps in a live chatroom. Perhaps via email.

But that's the deal for now.


Let me know if you have any questions.

I look forward to getting to know you - and reading some cool stories!



  1. OK. I am that "guy" you're looking for. Where may I send you my screenplay? It is registered with WGA, but I haven't done anything with it yet. What email shall I send the pdf to?

    I hope you do get through the whole thing. Thank you for stepping up. You give us reason to believe in telling our story. JP

    1. Hey there, JP! There were two things I wanted to ask: (1) Where are you from? -and- (2) Where'd the "Loretta" tag come from? (just curious) I got your script. I'll take a look at it & get back to you, okay? Cool. GTO

  2. Anonymous9/16/2011

    If you're still into this, you can read mine :) It's too short and I've been trying to think of ways of expanding it, maybe you can give me a hand? Drop me a line,

    1. Hey there, wr26kimberly. How's the writing been going? Probably better than my reading. ;) I haven't gotten to JP's story yet, but if yours is short, maybe I should read yours first. Perhaps in doing so, I'd generate the necessary momentum to move onto JP's full-length script. Hmm.. good idea, GTO!