Monday, June 14, 2010


Subtitle: Greetings, World!

This is my first entry in over a year. The reason for that is because my original goal - to get a delightful Modern Maturity article online (and update it slightly) so others could enjoy it - was accomplished, and I felt that I had done all I had set out to do with this particular blog.

So I put away my keyboard and let the blog collect dust. (It was, after all, my first experiment at blogging and I figured that no one would ever find it - especially considering it placed near the 500th spot on Google - and that was only if you searched exclusively through their blog search!)

Well, I recently checked my Google Analytics for the past year and - OMG - I'm blown away!

When I left this little piece of work, I had a total of 50 visitors from 7 countries. That was during the course of its entire 1st year of life (2008-2009).

But during 2009-2010 - the year when I did NO work on it - I've had 1400 visitors from 48 countries!


I wanted to say THANK YOU to the folks who have "accidentally" stumbled across this blog. (I'm not going to fool myself into believing that anyone "intentionally" sought it out, ha!)

[Although I do have one fan, a lovely young woman who goes by the name of Erin Marie Designs. I didn't even know one's blog could have followers. And I usually have to approve all aspects of my blog, from the comments to the followers - but somehow Mrs Erin Marie got through and I'm happy that she did. She seems like a perfectly likeable, well-adjusted woman with cute step-kids and a positive outlook on life! -- so she's staying!]

So anyways, I wanted to tell the world THANK YOU!


Maybe there's something to this blogging thing after all!

Perhaps you could reinvent your life by starting your own blog & reaching out to the world! You never know who might read it.

Please leave a comment & let me know you were here!


  1. Just saw this, and I don't think you had mentioned it. So, are you still done here?

  2. I've been in a "monitoring-only" phase, Elwin. Every couple of months I check the analytics. In November, I had more traffic from Pittsburgh (where a gent from Homewood Nation spent 11 mins perusing the blog) & in Shokan, NY (where someone spent 2.5 mins checking it out). And outside the US, two folks in Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago spent about 4 mins each reading "25 Ways" and someone in the United Kingdom (Oxford) spent a whopping 23 minutes reading the blog. These are just 4 examples from the last month alone. Pretty awesome! :)