Wednesday, January 28, 2009


When we go to work, there's an extensive system in place to ensure that we punch-in on time, get something worthwhile accomplished (at least on most days), interact effectively (and politely) with our co-workers, and punch-out before heading home.

Unfortunately, when it comes to accomplishing personal goals, these systems are harder to implement.

One thing that helps me accomplish goals is building a new routine into the beginning of the day. For example, when I was trying to lose weight, I made sure I woke up early enough to exercise before going to work. ("Before" is the operative word here because after work there's too many excuses not to do things. You're tired. The kids need help with their homework. You're hungry. It's much easier to let yourself off the hook.)

When you set time aside each day to attend to a goal (and when you put this goal ahead of the other events of the day), you're honoring the goal. You're giving it value. You're proclaiming to yourself and your household and to your day that this is an important and worthwhile goal.

In using this technique, you can achieve a wonderful sense of accomplishment - even if the rest of the day goes to crap.

By putting an important, personal goal ahead of work, your heart and your head begin to accept that no matter how bad the day might turn out, you've already done something important for yourself. You've taken care of your own emotional or physical well-being. You've done something for yourself.

And that emotional connection is so important. There's power in that feeling. (It gives you confidence. And peace.) And carrying those emotions with you throughout the day will improve your mood, and push your energy level in a positive direction.

So stop staring at the stationary bike. (.. that's what I was doing..)

Or maybe you have a treadmill. (.. clean the clothes off of it.. ha)

And hop on!

Even 10 minutes is good.

Start making room for the important changes in your life.

Just 10 minutes.

You'll feel much better about your day.

And yourself.


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