Monday, September 22, 2008

Hop on a Hog - or Sail Through the Fog

Nothing like hitting the open road on a big bike to clear one's head. You can rent a Harley in California, Florida, Illinois, Nevada, Texas, Utah, and Wisconsin through Street Eagle Motorcycle Rentals, (800) 717-7970; Additional state and European rentals are offered through Eaglerider Rentals & Tours, (888) 900-9901;

Or go around the world on a freighter. It worked for Douglas Fetherling, author of Running Away to Sea (McClelland & Stewart, 1999), who during a period of personal turmoil decided to spend four months on a converted Russian ice-breaker traveling to the South Pacific and back. Try TravLtips Cruise & Freighter Travel Association, (800) 872-8584; Find additional listings for freighter travel at

[Source: "25 Ways to Reinvent Yourself" originally published in Modern Maturity January - February 2000, transcribed by Greg Olszewski.]

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