Saturday, June 21, 2008

Feed Your Head

The Cambridge Center for Adult Education is a pioneer in the field of life-long learning, offering personal and professional development courses for more than 60 years in Harvard Square ("Our Fair City"), Massachusetts (617-547-6789; A handful of well-known people (including Car Talk's Tappert Brothers) have taken classes and/or taught there.

Nonprofit Elderhostel provides one- to four-week learning adventures for people 55 and older at universities, national parks, museums, and other sites in the U.S., Canada, and 80 other countries (800-454-5768; They have some great offerings.

[Source: "25 Ways to Reinvent Yourself" originally published in Modern Maturity January - February 2000, transcribed by Greg Olszewski.]


  1. Good morning! That Elderhostel business sounds cool; I'll check it out.

    I think this blog is a good idea. I'm going to link to it from mine. And I look forward to seeing the rest of the 25 ways.

  2. I thought Elderhostel sounded great also.
    Too bad we're too young to take advantage. :)
    Thanks for leaving Post #1, Elwin!
    More "Ways" are on their way.